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Please use Pajula Guesthouse nicely, then it will be a pleasure for everyone for a long time and the roommates and the host family will thank you

Clean your traces in the kitchen and you can of course store your groceries in the fridge during your stay. The kitchen has a drawer designated for each room, where you can store your own dry goods during your stay. However, for your convenience and safety, keep all your other belongings in your own room.

It is a good idea to keep the bedrooms locked at all times during your stay. The bedroom doors lock automatically when you close the door. Pajula is not responsible for guests’ property during their stay. Exterior doors must be kept closed.

Pajula is non-smoking area. There is a separate smoking area on the corner of the house and the cigarette butts must be placed in the jar located there!

Silence in the Guesthouse is from 22:00 to 06:00