We rent premises for different sized events.

In our yard area can be arranged events from small batchelor parties to bigger events of couple hundred people. Perhaps arrange your business WellBeing-, WorkShop – or anniversaries, not to forget about summer- and christmast parties. The most important events of life, for example graduations, batchelor parties, weddings or christenings can be arranged with the help of our partners. Ground digging in the excavator park, rally driving and helicopter flighting, are experiences which haven’t been experienced before.


KonttiBar is available for those staying at the Guesthouse and KonttiBar can be booked for private use during events. There are liquor rights in KonttiBar. The selection of drinks includes refreshments to spirits. KonttiBar also folds well into a non-alcoholic Mocktail or Smoothie Bar, depending on the nature of the event.


Batchelor parties, weddings and other events

In the lovely landscapes of Pajula, the most significant events of your life can be held in any weather. Tent canopies, heating equipment, sound reproduction, meals, decorations by our partners and best of all, accommodation at the end of the event. The wedding couple and older guests stay comfortably at the Guesthouse, without the rush and stress. Contact [email protected] and we will organize a memorable event together!

Conference facilities for small groups

Variation for remote or office negotiations and meetings. Pajula offers a lovely meeting room for a small group of up to 6 people. Pajula feels like a living room in an inspiring milieu. There is a fast Wi-fi connection, video cannon, screen and a flipchart in Pajula. At the end of the meeting day, you can refresh yourself with the help of experiences such as XL sandbox, ride in a rally car or helicopter, as desired, and the day will be crowned by a wood-heated sauna. The price of one meeting day 550€ includes the rent of the entire Majatalo and the possibility of an overnight stay, including VAT 10%. As additional services you have option to order breakfast, lunch or dinner, according to your wishes or you may cook food yourself in the kitchen or outdoors in summertime and order KonttiBar’s services. Ask more about our service and book your place in time at [email protected]

Palju for an evening out

For an evening out at Pajula, you can reserve Palju in addition to sauna, subject to availability. A Palju can accommodate 6-8 people to enjoy a wonderful warm stay. The Palju has an efficient and fast fireplace and the price of the Palju is 250 € / night. Come with a group of friends or surprise your staff with a memorable snatch. Palju is located in the drinking area of ​​Pajula, so refreshments and drinks to be enjoyed in Palju must be ordered from Pajula at the time of booking at [email protected] or by calling 040 355 35 66.


XL SandBox

At the Pajula’s XL Sandbox you have the opportunity to try out what it feels like to be a real driver for an excavator. With the guidance of a professional driver, it is possible to dig up the ground and move rocks weighing even a few hundred kilograms. Feel free to ask for an offer [email protected] and we will make a memorable experience! 20 minutes expierience costs only 65 € / person, incl VAT 10%. Book your place and come to experience a memorable experience by e-mail [email protected]



Helicopter audience flies

The helicopter can accommodate one to three people or more at a time, depending on the model of the helicopter. According to the agreement, flight schedules can be obtained by calling the Airavia Office on 040 501 9116 or by e-mail [email protected]

On a rally car

Through us, a wonderful experience that will never be forgotten! Come experience the charm of speed as a “map reader”, riding a real rally car. For a staff refreshment day, as a gift for a loved one or just for yourself. Rally car rides are run in the vicinity of Järvenpää, for example on the Saukkola track. At the end of a busy day, the evening will continue in the Pajula Guesthouse, in a wooden sauna, without forgetting to eat well and why not stay overnight. Ask for an offer [email protected]

Terrace yoga

For several years, we have organized a relaxing, soothing yoga day on Pajula’s huge patio. Yoga moments are spent in the summer, at the mercy of the weather, naturally, but we have been lucky with the weather and have been able to enjoy Terhi Talvela, RYT500, yoga teacher’s pampering yoga day. The course of the day normally includes a welcome drink, a light salad lunch and a hot sauna. Be equipped with your own towel and comfortable accessories suitable for yoga stretching. Style is free.

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HOUSEBAND Four Star Jallu

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